Legalese and Release Notes


Story Mode is governed by a creative commons license:

Creative Commons License
Story Mode by Scott Marshall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

See? You can download a copy of the game, print it, and try it out yourself. You can use the blank cards to create your own custom cards. But you can’t sell or resell Story Mode without my permission. If you are a retailer or distributor interested in selling copies of the game, please contact me for terms.

If you make a bunch of custom cards that morph into your own game, that’s cool, but please don’t sell it under the name Story Mode. Create your own game out of it, or call it an expansion or spin-off inspired by Story Mode if you wish, but please respect that I retain the right to decide what is “canon” in Story Mode cards and what isn’t, and the right to decide how to promote and sell the game.

If that seems unnecessarily restrictive, sorry. The reason for that policy is that I have no control over what people will do with custom cards, and they might think it’s hilarious to make a really offensive or copyright-infringing custom card set and then try to sell it or something. I need to be able to make a basic legal defense in such situations, and hopefully I will never need to because anyone who plays this game is going to be cool. Right?

All that said, if you want to suggest an addition or change to the canonical set of cards, please make your suggestion on the Game Mode or Inspiration Mode page- whichever suits your idea best. If I agree that it’s useful, I will add it to the the To Do List (see below). I will credit you when possible on the relevant card(s) and/or the Release Notes, but you must also agree to allow your submission to be used under the same creative commons license as the game. If you submit a suggestion for improving the game, you agree to the terms described above.

Release Notes

July 4, 2018: Alpha decks have been distributed to all non-Patreon testers. Patreon shipments will go out later this month. Alpha decks are also available through my online store at Added the Suggested Game Play Adjustments section below.

May 19, 2018: Alpha release soft launch at East Coast Comics Expo, Moncton, NB, Canada. The Alpha release consists of the Western, Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare, and Young Adult theme decks, plus the Core half-deck.

Suggested Game Play Adjustments

This section lists suggestions that my alpha testers and I make in order to optimize your experience of the game. So if you want to play the way that we do, we recommend the following adjustments:

  • The “To Be or Not To Be” card in the Shakespeare deck should be a Theme, not a Plot. Cross out Plot on your card and write in Theme. If you feel compelled to rebalance the deck by adding a new Shakespearean Plot, tell us what you tried in the comments!
  • Try adjusting  the size of the story (ie., 5 cards make a short story, 10 cards make a novel), or the size of your hand (of cards, not your actual hand, Keith), maybe depending on how many people are playing. Let us know what sizes work best for you in the comments.

To Do List

Coming up in Story Mode:

  • Distribute Alpha card sets to my patrons on Patreon.
  • Make Alpha decks and full sets available for sale online.
  • Start working on the Beta release, which will introduce 4 more theme decks and expand the Core deck.
  • Create the QueerCore expansion in time for DCAF.

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