Game Mode

Story Mode is meant to be a pretty flexible game. You can play it on your own, or with a friend, or with a bunch of friends. If you have developed a way to play with the cards that you want to share with others, please tell us about it in the comments on this page!

Here are some example games:

Story Mode: Solitaire

This game has six turns. (If you are playing with a sample deck or have less than 48 cards, reduce the number of turns to the number of cards you have divided by 8. Or, visit the download page and get the full set of cards and print them out!)

Build a deck of 48 cards. You can choose to use one of the prepared theme decks or you can build your own with whatever proportions of characters and settings and other cards as you wish. Once you have your deck put together, shuffle it and place it in front of you with the cards face down. Then pick up five cards from the top of the deck and put them in a row in front of you. These 5 cards are the “story.”

The object of the game is to build the “best” story in six turns. You can count them with a six-sided die or just a piece of paper or whatever. A winning outcome in Story Mode: Solitaire could be one of the following:

  • a total score of 40 or higher. You get this score by adding the numbers from the upper right hand corner of the cards in the story.
  • a story that includes one character, one setting, one plot, one prop, and one conflict or theme.
  • a story that has cards valued at 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 points, like a straight in poker.
  • any other outcome you decide. Maybe you’d like to build the saddest story, the craziest story, the scariest story… you get the idea.

At the start of each turn, pick up 5 cards from the top of the deck. Look at the cards in your story and consider which of the winning outcomes you will try for. You can swap out any of the cards in your story for the ones in your hand. You can swap them all if you want, or none. Don’t forget to read the card descriptions- many of them have bonuses (and a few have minuses) that can affect your score under certain conditions described on the card. You can change your goal at any time if the “luck of the draw” makes a different outcome a better option.

Once you have done all the swapping you want to do, discard the five cards in your hand. That is the end of the turn. Repeat until you have done 6 turns. After the 6th turn, look at your story- did you achieve one of the successful outcomes? If so, congratulations! You won! If you think you have a particularly fun story, visit the Story Mode website ( and tell us about it on the Community page.

Story Mode: Multiplayer Deckbuilding

This mode works essentially the same way as the solitaire game. Each player must build their own deck before you start. They can do this from their own collection of cards or, if you want to be really hardcore, you can shuffle the entire Story Mode: Alpha collection of cards and deal them out to up to 4 people. If you are playing with more than 4 people, you will need enough additional cards so that everyone can build a 48-card deck.

Once everyone has a deck, everyone shuffles their cards and deals out a 5-card story in front of themselves. Choose who will play first and then take turns playing through the 6 rounds just like you would in the solitaire game. If you wish, you can try adding rules where you can pick up cards that other players discard instead of drawing from your deck.

Once everyone has played their 6 rounds, look at the stories: did everyone achieve one of the winning outcomes? The players who didn’t are “out”. Did more than one player achieve the same outcome? You can try a tie-breaking round, or reshuffle your decks and try building on to your story until there is a clear winner!

Suggest a game!

Leave your feedback, game ideas, and playing experiences in the comments on this page! And thank you for trying Story Mode!

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