Welcome to Story Mode!

Welcome to the Story Mode website! You can use the menu to navigate to pages where you can download a PDF of the cards, buy a set from me, read about potential uses for them, and share your feedback. I’d love to hear about your experiences with using the cards.

So what is Story Mode? It’s a creative tool that looks like a game. Or a game that you can use as a creative tool. Either way, it is essentially a bunch of cards that are divided into “decks”, each of which contains characters, plots, and settings related to a different kind of literature. You can use the cards to spark ideas for your own stories, whether you’re a writer or an actor or improv performer or, I don’t know, painter? Get inspired or share your creative experiences on the Inspiration Mode page.

If you would rather use the cards as a solitaire game or to play against your friends, you can do that too. You can devise whatever rules you want for that, but if you want to see some suggestions, you can find them on the Game Mode page.

Please note that Story Mode is still in development. The current release is an “alpha” release of four themed decks (Westerns, Shakespeare, Pulp Fiction, and Young Adult) plus a half-deck of “core” cards that work with any genre. The cards will be refined and adjusted as alpha testers report their feedback. You can check the Legalese and Release Notes page for terms of use information, the Creative Commons license, and information on the latest changes and plans for development. The most up to date version of the game (as well as downloads of updated cards) will always be available on the Download and Buy pages.

If you enjoy Story Mode and want to support my various projects or even just make a one-time donation, check out my page at Patreon. Patrons get access to all kinds of wacky stuff plus discount codes for as low as $1 per month, and patrons will get early and/or exclusive Story Mode stuff from time to time. If you want to check out my comics, books, podcasts and my other pursuits, visit potzrebie.com.

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